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When playing a tournment at the Wild Goose Casino I was involved in an interesting bad beat.  Little John and I tangled in a hand.


I was dealt pocket kings and he was dealt pocket queens. I made a modest bet of 500 and he went all in for 1900. I called and the flop came king, queen, seven. John stood up and started to put on his

coat.  The turn came with the 4th queen, and I stood up to put on my coat while he rejoiced. Then came the river with the 4th king for the bad beat.


Submitted by Kerry Petre



Last week while I was in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace I was playing in  the no-limit cash game.  Just like on TV they actually had stacks of  real money sitting on the table.


Anyway....I played for about 2 hours and increased my chips from $300 to $800!  I had 10 minutes left until the tournament started that I was already signed up I said that I would play a few more hands.


I got dealt pocket 5's (not great in a NL cash game, but I called the $5 and then it was raised to $15 pre-flop  which I also called).  On the flop came Jd, 5c, 5h...I flopped four of  a kind!  I was 3 ahead of the button and the 2 blinds were in as well as 2 other players.  The small blind bet $20, bb folds, I call, and the person behind me raises to $100.


What the heck is going on?  Sb calls and I raise to $200 getting 2 calls.  The turn comes a 10d.  Small blind bets $200 (there is about $650 in the pot)  I raise to $500 and the player behind me calls and sb folds.  I'm imagining he has a full house (pocket jacks, or pocket tens) or even a big pocket pair such as queens, kings, or aces.  The river comes and it is Kd.  I only have $100 left so I push all in and he instantly calls....guess what he had, he runner-runnered with nothing but a royal flush!  Unbelivable!  Worst beat  of my life...I lost $800 and he won about $2500 on a one in 10,000 chance of happening!  Needless to say everyone was appauled...they didn't have a bad beat jackpot there so I quit and went on my

humble way to  play in the tournament.


Players like that are frustrating, but I love them because they are willing to risk everything on a longshot, almost always I would be the one taking his money.  Long live RIVER RATS!


Submitted by Bonnie




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